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Santa Maria Bail Bonds

Learning how to navigate the process when someone gets arrested in Santa Maria, or by the Santa Maria Police department can be stressful.  Anyone arrested in Santa Maria by the Police Department will be taken to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff department jail on Foster.  The Foster facility is very quick to book someone, and release within 2 hours or less.  Of course this depends on staffing and arrest to handle.  If someone is booked at the Foster facility, they are more likely going to be transported to the Main Jail in Santa Barbara after some time.

Lompoc Police Department bail posting

Its late at night, and you get a call from a family member who has been arrested by the Lompoc Police Department, what next?  Will you can call the police department yourself to find out information, but more likely you will not get as much information as a bail bondsman would.

Keep in mind that the Lompoc police department operates a small jail, and many times they are understaffed.  In being understaffed, they will not have much time to answer your questions.  Let us help you get the information you like to know so if posting bail is an option.

Ventura County Jail Booking Process

When we receive calls from the Ventura County Jail, they are routed through a vendor that requires an account to accept collect calls from inmates.  It is one of the frustrating things families have to experience when it takes a while to hear from them because they have to setup an account.

Be aware that the majority of the County jails have a phone system that requires one to open an account.  Many times I receive calls from the Ventura County Jail for posting bail, and discover that they are unable to get in touch with there family to make arraignments for bail.

Common bail bond questions

I receive calls daily and in doing so I have listed the top 3 common questions asked.

1. I have a family or friend arrested, but I do not know what is going on or how much his bail is. Can you help me find out?

When a family or friend has been arrested, they are usually taken to the local police station or county jail for booking.  This process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, and during this time we will not be able to obtain bail information until booking has been complete.  Because of this timely process, we will monitor his booking process and after they are booked, we will contact the customer with the charges, first court date and bail information if they wish to bail out the detainee.

Fillmore Bail Bonds

If you live or work in the city of Fillmore, California you might find yourself, friend or family in need of a bail bondsman.  The city of Fillmore has its own police station operated by the Ventura County Sheriff department.  If a family or friend is arrested in Fillmore, they will be taken to the main jail in Ventura for booking.  The Fillmore police department does not have staff nor room for booking and releasing people from there.  

If you find a need for bail and additional information, call 805-524-3900.

Bail Bonds In Oxnard

If someone you know has been caught up for a crime, and you know that they are not guilty of charge, then you should most definitely help them get out of jail. Now how would you do that safely? You need to contact a bail bond or bail bondsmen.
Bail Bond agents are companies that will go about as a surety and vow cash or property as bail for the presence of persons charged in court. You are not allowed to leave the "jail" unless your documents have been marked for lawful release by the Bail Bondsman.

Bail Bonds Posting at Oxnard Police Department

Bail bond posting at the Oxnard Police Department can take a lot quicker process when posted at the jail.  The staff at the Oxnard Police Department will usually process the arrested individual within an hour or so.  This is due to the time constraints they are under to not have to many detainees at the Oxnard Jail, as it operates under a small capacity.  

This is important to know especially when your family or friend was arrested in the city of Oxnard, they should attempt to bail them out quickly from the Oxnard Police Department, prior to being transported to the Ventura County Main Jail in Ventura, California.

Oxnard Police Department

So you find yourself in the city of Oxnard, California and encounter a need for a bail bond in oxnard.  Will the city of Oxnard operates its small jail for bookings, but not for overnight housing of inmates.  The booking process upon arrest may take anywhere from 1 hour to several which can depend on the workload of the staff.  Most bookings are pre-booked via the Ventura County Sheriff Jail system, which issues a docket case number so if they do not get out from the Oxnard Police Department, the booking process may be cut down when they are transported to the main jail in ventura.   The Oxnard Police Department has jail staff dedicated to bookings and transportation if the inmates are not posting an oxnard bail bond.  It is always recommended that if a family or friend is arrested by the Oxnard Police Department, that they post bail at the facility rather then wait for transport to the county jail.  The Oxnard Police Department accepts oxnard bail bonds 24 hours a day and holidays from licensed bail bondsman who have a business tax license issued by the city of Oxnard.  If the Oxnard Police Department does not have a business tax certificate on file, the oxnard bail bond will not be accepted by the bail bonds agency, therefore causing a delay in the release of the family or friend.  Make sure that if you are looking to post an oxnard bail bond at the Oxnard Police Department, that the bail agency has a valid license.  How would you find out, just ask.  If they say for example they do not have bail agents available to post an oxnard bail bonds at the Oxnard Police Department, its possible that they do not have a city of Oxnard business license on file.  For more information on posting an oxnard bail bond at the Oxnard Police Department, please Call me, Martin Basaldua a licensed professional bail bondsman since 1995. Phone number to call for an oxnard bail bond is 805-639-0023 or toll free 1-877-955-2245.  Posting bail is my profession, and posting bail can be done anywhere in California with additional bail cost. 

Bail after arrest

So you posted bail for a family or friend, now what.  Will when you first posted bail, the person that was released on bail will have a future court date, which will be on the bail receipt and possibly a form the jail uses.  Make sure to make not only your first appearance, but any other appearances you are ordered to appear until you are sentenced, or the charges are dismissed. While on bail, keep in mind that any time you are arrested while on bail will most likely increase the bail on the new charges.  In addition, your previous bail may be revoked by the person that posted your bail.  If the family or friend that one has posted bail is arrested again while on bond, it is of most importance to notify the bail bonds agency of the new arrest so proper steps can be made to avoid forfieture or most common, failure to appear on that first bond posted.  Most courts in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles to name a few also may revoke the bail after the defendant appears on new charges in custody and discharge the bail bond previously posted and request bail increase on those charges as well.  When you need answers 24/7 for bail bonds in ventura, bail bonds in santa barbara, bail bonds in oxnard, bail bonds in santa paula, bail bonds in los angeles or other cities in Ventura, Santa Barbara or Los Angeles counties, please call toll free 1-877-955-2245 for immediate assistance, or locally 805-641-2245 and 818-980-2245.

Christmas Bail Bonds

This Christmas and every year, there is always an increase in public safety for drunk driving enforcement.  Keep our communities safe and designate a driver.  Many police departments will have saturated patrols including Oxnard Police Department, Port Hueneme Police Department, Santa Paula Police Department, Ventura CHP, Santa Barbara Police Department and more.  This Christmas when things seemed to go ok, and a mistake is made, we will be open Christmas for your calls and questions.
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