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Having a friend or family that has been arrested in the city of Santa Paula and not sure or familiar with the bail process there? Well we are here to help.

When someone is arrested in the city of Santa Paula, they normally are taken to the Santa Paula police station for questioning and possibly booking. However, in many instances, even though they have holding cells, they are not properly staff with a jailer to handle bookings. So in many arrest, they are driven directly to the Ventura County Jail for booking of charges. This will take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours depending if the person that was arrested was held temporary at the city jail before being transported to the county main jail.

During the booking process, the jail staff will go through some general questioning in regards to there personal information, medical questions in order to properly assist those that have medicines or need medical attention, fingerprinting, and booking photos. After this is done, it will be uploaded into there jail computer systems, and will be flagged with a check that they are full registered and booked. Its is this time that there will be a bail set for there offense.

The bail amount is determined based on there offense for which they were arrested. Ventura County has a bail schedule that they use and is updated by the Ventura Superior Court judges. Based on the most serious offense, the bail will be set. However, some factors could affect there bail amount including priors and probation. If this happens, there could be a chance that they will not be able to post bail until they see a judge first. This usually occurs in violent offenses and also drug offenses.

To learn more on what to do if you want to post bail for a family or friend, call 805-639-0023

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